Service Charge to use Credit Card
Pay by Cash 5%
Pay by Debit card 5%
Pay by Credit card 10%

Special deal for our Business Clients that are importing items

Our business clients benefit from as low as US$2.25per pound for items weighing 21-150lbs air freight from the US through Union One Express to St. Lucia and all our client items are insured while in our possession

Conditions apply

Package Exceeding 50lbs or the dimensional exceeds 60 inches, a us$12 oversize will be charged.

The dimensional weight will be used to ascertain the package charge if it exceeds the actual weight of the package.

Dimensional weight is calculated: L*W*H/166

The membership fee is paid yearly.Customers are urged to pay this, as package cannot be disbursed if the membership fee is not paid. However if you are currently a member with an existing courier company,the membership fee is waived until next year.

* Subject to change