localCourierLinkWith Union One Express Local services you can have package(s) and/or item(s) deliver in a timely manner islandwide Monday through to Friday.


Want your package(s) and or item(s) delivered islandwide you can simply contact us at 754-4112 OR 926-2669 to have a bearer scheduled to pick up your package(s) and or item(s).


You have to call between 8:00am and 10:30am to have your package(s) and or item(s) delivered the same day islandwide. The cost for same day is $900.00 including G.C.T. If the call is made after 10:30am the delivery of your package(s) and or item(s) will be made the following business at a cost $800.00 including G.C.T.

Pick up and drop offs that are done within the Kingston Metropolitan area is at a cost of $400 including G.C.T.


  • Same day delivery $900.00 incl. GCT
  • Next day delivery $800.00 incl.GCT
  • Round-Town Delivery Rate $400.00 incl.GCT
  • 10% further discount for account holders
  • $40.00 for each additional pound over 10 lbs.

Conditions apply

Package Exceeding 50lbs or the dimensional exceeds 60 inches, a us$12 oversize will be charged.

The dimensional weight will be used to ascertain the package charge if it exceeds the actual weight of the package.

Dimensional weight is calculated: L*W*H/166

The membership fee is paid yearly.Customers are urged to pay this, as package cannot be disbursed if the membership fee is not paid. However if you are currently a member with an existing courier company,the membership fee is waived until next year.