Membership cost is US$13

You can sign up online, visit our website at unionone-express.com or you can visit our agent office in Georgetown.

Note Well: Your UOE number is given to you after you sign up with Union One Express; this number must be included in the shipping address.

Yes, after you sign up online you can pay the membership fee on your first pick up, or if you sign up at the agent office in Georgetown, you can then pay the membership fee there.

Our warehouse is located in Miami, Florida

It depends on where your order is being shipped from. If it’s within the U.S then it will usually take about 1-2 weeks, orders from China can take up to 3-6weeks.

Within 14 days after delivery to avoid storage fees of US$3 per day.

The St. Lucia Revenue Authority wishes to point out that the customs duties and other taxes are imposed on the Cost, Insurance and Freight (CIF) of the items imported and is calculated on a compound basic as per the tariff.


In accordance with Section 43 of the Customs Act, Chapter 82:01 and Schedule II of the Schedules made under the Customs Act, the following goods are prohibited or restricted to be imported into St. Lucia:

  • Base or counterfeit coin of any country;
  • Coin legally current in St. Lucia or any money purporting to be such not being of the established standard weight and fineness;
  • Articles of food intended for human consumption declared by the Competent Authority to be unfit for such purposes;
  • Indecent or obscene prints, paintings, photographs, books, cards, lithographic or other engravings or any other indecent or obscene articles;
  • Infected cattle, sheep or other animals, or carcasses thereof, and hides, skins, horns, hoofs or any other part of cattle or other animals which may be prohibited in order to prevent the introduction or spread of any communicable disease;
  • Matches containing white (yellow) phosphorous;
  • Goods, which if sold, would be liable to forfeiture under the Merchandise Marks Act;
  • Goods manufactured outside St. Lucia, which whether or not bearing a name or trade mark, do not carry in relation to themselves a definite indication of the country in which they were made or produced unless the Commissioner - General having regard to the nature of such goods and the requirements of any Regulations applicable thereto, deems otherwise;
  • Prepared opium and pipes or other utensils for use in connection with the smoking of opium or the preparation of opium for smoking;
  • Shaving brushes manufactured in or exported from Japan;
  • Fictitious stamps and any die, instrument of materials capable of making any such stamps;
  • Goods the importation of which is prohibited by any other Law of St. Lucia.

The exchange rate is based on the bank’s daily exchange rate on any given day.

Yes, there is a five percentage (5%) service charge for orders paid using Union One Express credit card and. The service charge is applied to the total cost of the item(s) being ordered and full payment is made at our agent office in advance in cash.

The payment methods are cash, credit or debit cards and manager’s cheques.

When packages are received at our Miami warehouse, it is consolidated and airfreighted to us in St. Lucia within 48-72 hours of receiving.

What are your Business Hours? Our Georgetown office is open Monday to Friday, from 8AM to 5PM and Saturdays 9AM to 2PM.

Yes, packages can be dropped off at our Miami warehouse. Either you or anyone else can drop off items at our Miami Warehouse. The contents will be examined physically to confirm the contents.


In accordance with Section 43 of the Customs Act, Chapter 82:01 and Schedule II of the Schedules made under the Customs Act, the following goods are prohibited or restricted to be imported into St. Lucia:

  • Arms and Ammunition except with the written permission of the Commissioner of Police;
  • Cocaine, heroin, cannabis sativa (known as Indian hemp or bhang), cannabis indica, choras, or any preparation or mixture thereof, except under license of the Chief Medical Officer;
  • Goods which bear a design in imitation of any currency or bank notes or coin in common use in St. Lucia or elsewhere unless with the approval of the Commissioner - General;
  • Spirits (not being liqueurs, cordials, perfumed spirits or medical spirits) and wine, unless specifically reported as such, and unless in aircraft, or in ships of twenty seven decimal three zero (27.30) tonnes burden at least, and in casks and other vessels capable of containing liquids, each of such casks or other vessels being of the size of content of forty one (41) litres at the least or unless in glass or stone bottle containing not less than forty one (41) litres;
  • Tobacco, cigars, cigarillos or cigarettes, unless specifically reported as such and unless in aircraft, or in ships of ninety decimal one zero (90.10) tonnes burden at least, and unless in whole and complete packages each containing not less than nine decimal one zero (9.10) kilogramme net weight of tobacco, cigars, cigarillos and cigarettes may be imported through the parcel post in quantities not less than nine decimal one zero (9.10) kilogramme net weight;
  • Tobacco extracts, essences or other concentrations of tobacco, or any admixture thereof, tobacco stalks and tobacco stalks flour except under such conditions as the Commissioner - General with the approval of the Minister, may either generally or in any particular case allow.
  • Goods the importation of which is regulated by any other Law of St. Lucia except in accordance with such law;
  • Exotic species of fish except in accordance with the terms of a licence granted by the Chief Agriculture Officer;
  • Cinematographic films (with the meaning of Section 2 of the Cinematographic Act) to the exhibition of which the exemption provided in Section 15 (1) (a) or (c) of the said Act applies, unless:
  • at the time of the importation of any such film into St. Lucia, the importer thereof deposits it with an Officer who shall issue a receipt thereof;
  • Alcohol or any item with alcohol listed as ingredient
  • Cash
  • Corrosive cleaning solutions
  • Animal skins
  • Camouflage clothing or equipment
  • Fireworks
  • Flammable liquids or solids
  • Honey
  • Lighters and matches
  • Live plants
  • Poison
  • Aerosol cans and hazardous chemicals.

Freight is calculated using the actual weight of the package or the dimensional weight whichever is greater.

Union One Express will not be liable for any delays for packages shipped via any ground courier service.