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Shipping from the USA is not a unique process but at Union One Express LLC our commitment to our customers with international airfreight is to ensure that packages have a smooth and problem-free transit to its destination. Your package is safe with us.

Our dedicated agents will be happy to discuss with you in details your next shipment to be air-freighted from the United States of America.

Union One Express LLC is fully equipped with state of the art handling tools and materials that meet industry standards with highly skilled and experienced professionals to meet your expectation and that’s our promise to you.

Union One Express LLC stands by its commitment for service and will offer competitive pricing to make your shopping experience one that is beyond your expection.

  • Insured Storage space
  • Complete custom clearance and assistance (Jamaica only)
  • Coordinated pick up from residence within Florida, USA
  • Detailed inventory and accurate labeling of each article
  • Careful handling of high-value and fragile items
  • Transport by, Air from the USA
  • Seven days Secure warehouse storage free
  • Delivery to your destination country (Jamaica only)
  • Tracking of shipment
  • Cargo consolidation
  • LCL (Less Than Container Load)
  • Free storage (up to 40 days*)
  • Onsite packing and crating

Please do not hesitate to contact us. At Union One Express LLC we will ensure that you are prepared for each step. Let us help you relax. That has been our goal with all freight forwarding and exporting experience we have managed for our customers.


Union One Express LLC offers a range of distribution solutions that integrates well into our operation. Our operation is established with a team of professionals having a strong background integrated with the use of the latest technology to formulate a customize freight management service so our customers can obtain cost effective solutions while utilizing our services.

We also customize our warehouse service to fit your unique requirement. We offer discount rates to our account customers who utilize our online shopping and courier services. Therefore, using our service is the best business decision you would have made. Why? Our customers who benefit from our discount rates will no doubt be able to see an increase in their profit margin.

Exporting from the United States will no longer be an issue as companies of all sizes have trusted us to store and export their shipments from the United States. Keep in mind that, when you are doing business with Union One Express, your money and goods are safe as we are also supported by our parent company, First Union Financial Group.



If you are purchasing from the USA from multiple suppliers, we offer free storage up to 40 days for commercial shipments. For domestic or personal shipments, we offer seven (7) days free storage.

Once you have completed your shopping, we will be ready and able to provide onsite packing and crating for airfreight out of the US at competitive rates.
Our warehouse is equipped with 24 hour security and pest control measures in an effort to provide a secure and safe storage and handling area for your shipment to be exported from the USA.

Goods cleared locally through Guyana Customs and stored in our warehouse facility must be collected within 14 days to avoid paying storage fee of US$3 per day thereafter.
Failure to collect within 120 days may result in the company auctioning the goods to recuperate expenses incurred.

Companies of all types are guaranteed to save money because of our competitive rates so wait no longer, go ahead and switch to Union One Express LLC! Also, each time you allow us to export your items from the USA, you will earn points towards getting free transportation and handling charges.

Switching to Union One Express LLC. is as easy as 1,2,3 so contact our agent and we will assist you with the process


Need help? You've come to the right place.

What will my address with UnionOne-Express.com look like? Is it a physical address or simply a Mailbox or P.O. Box?

You will have a physical address in state of Florida of the following form
12361 SW 128th CT 

STE 205

Miami, FL 33186


How does UnionOne-Express.com calculate the chargeable Weight?

We follow the international standard to determine the Chargeable Weight for a shipment. All international shipping carriers calculate their freight rates based on the Chargeable Weight, that is, the Actual Weight or the Dimensional Weight of the package, whichever is the greater to determine the freight charges. Actual Weight is the weight of the package when placed on a scale. Dimensional Weight is based on the size of the package. Large items that have a small Actual Weight, like pillows and lamp shades etc, will have a bigger Dimensional Weight.For up-to-date information on how Dimensional Weight is calculated by each shipping carrier, please visit:

What is 'DIM weight'?

DIM weight is calculated by multiplying the length x height x width of a package and dividing the result by a volumetric factor (166).

How long can I store my items at my US Warehouse?

You can store your items as long as you want and the first seven days are free.

I want to buy items from U.S. websites but they won't ship to my international address. Can Union One Express Inc allow me to access these deals?

With your own US address from Union One Express LLC, you will be able to buy goods far cheaper than otherwise possible. Most of US merchants will not ship to international addresses, but now you can Ship the goods to your established address with us and we will then consolidate all your packages and ship them to you outside the U.S.

Which countries do you ship to?

For a list of countries we Airfreight goods to, view the signup form. Please take the time to click on the country of your choosing, as not all shipping options are available in all countries. If a country is not listed on our website, we do not offer service.

Do you offer shipping services within the United States?

Yes. We will offer our address to anyone in the United States. We have customers that ship through us within the United States.

Do you offer any options for forwarding letters and documents?

Yes, we can forward letters and documents just like we forward boxed packages. You can use the shipping calculator just estimate the shipping rates.

Do you require a deposit?

No deposit is required. The package will be shipped to you from us once we have received the PayPal payment for shipping fees, enabling us not to require any initial deposit.

What forms of payment are accepted?

At present, we accept PAYPAL, and coming soon Credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and other major Credit cards) will be available.

Do quoted shipping rates include Import Duties and Taxes?

While our destination charges includes all possible shipping and handling costs, you may still be responsible for  Import Duties and Taxes levied against your shipment by Customs in your country. Union One Express LLC has no control over the valuation process conducted by a Customs official in relation to price and quantity and is not responsible for any delays associated with customs clearance difficulties. For more information, please review the Guyana Customs Act Tariff for more information..

How do I track my shipment?

We will email you as soon as your goods have arrived at our warehouse address and you can then either choose to have them prepared for shipping immediately or wait until other purchases arrive and send them all in the same consolidated shipment. Wewill email you to let you know when your goods are shipped. You can then log in to your account UnionOne-Express.com account to check and we will include a link to see where your packages are at the time of you checking.

Fees & Services

Register with us and save big!
As a member, you can use the address when you shop from any US website and have your goods delivered to the warehouse. Union One Express rates are more affordable than its competitors.

  • Easy, no frills just pay as you shop.
  • Personal U.S. address
  • Competitive shipping rates
  • Storage is provided at the warehouse as long as you want however, you are given seven day free 
  • Real time status updates on orders are emailed
  • Online support from our shopping crew




Receiving your package



Package updates

Real time


Personal US address



Competitive shipping rates



Delivery Destinations (over 100 countries)



If your packages are heading to Guyana

You can pay in Guyanese dollars


Free Storage

Up to 7 days and no deadline


Re-packing service

At cost


Return Service

Conditions apply


Tracking on shipment from US address to your door



Real-Time Order management



Online Assistance



Order Checking service



Additional Features.
*Standard insurance coverage (up to US$2,000) costs 2%of the total amount you declare for your parcel. All values are in U.S. dollars.

You don’t have to pay a registration fee if you deal directly with our Miami office but may pay a minimal fee if you go through our overseas partners and branch offices.

Why our services are more affordable than our competition?
Because we have kept our overhead expenses very low, want to gain your trust and stay in business for a longtime.


Prohibited Items

What items can’t be delivered through UnionOne-Express.com?

Union One Express LLC. cannot deliver items that are prohibited or require special handling due to exporting country, importing country or transportation regulations. In addition, items ultimately destined for Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria and any other country subject to US or international embargoes are prohibited. Also, shipments destined to certain prohibited persons and entities are also excluded from the UnionOne-Express.com service.

This list is sampling of common items that are restricted, cannot be shipped or, depending on your destination country, may either require an import license, additional documentation and/or cause problems and delays during the customs review of your shipment. Please see your country’s importing regulation before you use our service.

Alcohol & Coffee
Prohibited in some countries and quantities restricted in others.

Animals & Agricultural
Living animals, fish or plants; seeds, soil, and other agricultural products.

Nail polish, paints (non water- based), oils, lighters and matches.

Currency, Stamps & Coins
Cash, checks, money orders, bank drafts, bearer bonds, collectible stamps and coins

Food - Perishable
Perishable foods of any type are prohibited. Chocolates are restricted in some countries.

Furs, Skins, Animal Parts
Furs, skins, tusks, other animal parts are prohibited in most countries.

Gambling & Lottery
Gambling, lottery and games of chance items including tickets, games and devices.

Government ID/Uniforms
Any and all governmental (whether real or costume) ids, uniforms and badges.

Hazardous Materials
Chemicals, explosives, fuels and fertilizers.

Prescription & veterinary medications prohibited. Non-prescription medications are restricted.

Perfumes & Colognes
Prohibited in some countries but allowed in others.

Political & Pornography
Prohibited in all Muslim countries and restricted in most other countries.

Pressurized Cans
No pressurized cans of any type like hairspray, shaving cream and bug spray.

Tactical Equipment
Night-vision goggles, lock-pickers, optical scopes, laser sites, body armor and any ITAR regulated item.

Vitamins/ Supplements
Vitamins, some sports drinks, supplements are restricted in most countries.

Weaponry & Parts
Guns, gun replicas, gun components & parts, paintball guns & paintballs, stun-guns, ammunition, gunpowder, any ITAR regulated items.



When you process a shipment through your Union One Express Inc. account to be forwarded to you, the insurance is already calculated to cover the total value of the shipment which is 2% of the declared value. The maximum declared value is 2000USD.

You may opt not to insure the shipment. If you choose not to insure your shipment, you take the full risk of obsorbing any loss or damage to your goods during the shipment process.
Claims are typically processed and paid as soon as all the relevant information is received. Please note that Duties and Taxes are not covered by insurance. We will however ensure that, your "replacement items" are not charged a second duty.

If your package is declared lost and you paid insurance, we will compensate the lower declared value, international shipping fee and insurance fee.

Shipping & Delivery

At present, we offer one kind of shipping method: Air Freight. The following information is for general information only.  Customer is responsible to make sure no restricted items are being shipped and if we should discover such items, you will be responsible for all cost to return the item/s.

limitation of sizes are depend on the receiving country. Maximum length is usually 36″ (some countries allow 60″). Length + (2 x width) + (2 x height) less than 79 inches (some countries allow less than 108 inches).  Tracking is not always reliable depending on if there should be a unknown system . Sometimes package still shows as on the way, but it is already in customs in the target country. It is recommended to contact your local customs office when looking for a package.

Other shipping methods (Sea Freight)  will be offered soon…

Customers' Complaints:
The following information should be included when submitting your complaints

  • Name of your assistant
  • What happened?
  • What do you expect us to do for you?

Accident claims:
If your shipment is not delivered because of our fault, or if items are missing or damaged while in our possession and This is only if you have been directly dealing with Union One Express Inc, located at our Florida address. Agents and other affiliates have their own claim policies. Contact your account manager right away to begin the claim process. 

For missing items:
If your shipment was not delivered because  of our direct fault, you will need the following items to file a claim: 

  1. Claim form. 
  2. Copy of the merchant invoice or receipt showing the purchase price

Important filing deadlines: 
Claims for damage must be filed no later than 7 days after the shipment date.  Claims for damage must be filed immediately.  Some claims may take a minimum of 60 days from filing for research and response byUnion One Express LLC, and in some cases up to six (6) months which is dependent on airline claim and liability policy .