Types of inspections offered in China and the United State?

  • Initial Production – check materials to be used for your order at the beginning of the production process.
  • During Production – check on the quality of components, materials and finished products during manufacturing.
  • Final Random – inspection of selected samples at random, to check that the quality, quantity and packaging are conformed to your specifications.
  • Container Loading – supervision during container loading to ensure that the finished and packed goods meet your specifications (product type and quantity).
  • Other services are available depending on the request of our customers.


Where do I start if I want to buy products using Union One Express system?

  1. Go to any United State, Canada or China suppliers websites and chose your products.
  2. Initiate discussion and interest.
  3. Submit suppliers name, contact information and image/s of products at anyone of our 14 branches located Island wide.
  4. Pay your fees at our authorized bank and leave the rest to us.

If you know the product that you need but you are unable to find a supplier, we will locate one for you and start a discussion on your behalf.

Shipping to your destination?

We do not provide shipping services at this time. However, we will be able to assist in locating one on your behalf and ensure that your container reaches its destination, or, if you want to recommend one, we will work with your referral.

Things to consider when buying new equipment

Before making any machinery purchase, please consider carefully what it will be used for and more so, ensure that your supplier has your specification and has applied them carefully as we do not have the expertise to determine the completeness and satisfactory working condition of your machines: Please ensure that you know:

• What it will be used for and your preferred language. 
• Where it will be used. 
• Who will use it (i.e. skilled employees, trainees etc.) 
• What risks to health and safety might result from its use, and how they are controlled.

This can help you decide what equipment may be suitable for you. If you are buying more complex or custom-built equipments, you should discuss the requirements with your suppliers, who can then advise you on the options available and will guide you through the purchasing process. Confirm with the supplier that the equipment is safe and meets all pertinent specification and standard. Once you have done your homework and satisfied with your supplier’s ability to give you the machinery that you require, we will only handle the safety of your payment, packing of your machinery and shipping to your destination. Again, we will not take responsibility for the working order of your machinery.

How do you assess and approve suppliers?

We will visit and review the production capacity and business background of your suppliers. They have to provide us (China Office) with their business licenses, tax registration certificates, previous invoices and other supporting documents to prove their authenticity.

How do I send inquiries to suppliers?

There are many ways to contact your suppliers

  • Email
  • Telephone
  • Skype
  • Fax

If you chose to send money directly to your supplier, please ensure that you know everything about that company and its directors as Union One Express will not be liable should there be any fraudulent impediment.

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