Storage and consolidation for large volume shippers

in the United States

How it Works

  • If you are purchasing from the USA from multiple suppliers, we offer free storage up to¬†14 days for commercial shipments. For domestic or personal shipments, we offer seven (7) days free storage.
  • Once you have completed your shopping, we will be ready and able to provide onsite packing and crating for airfreight out of the US at competitive rates. Our warehouse is equipped with 24 hour security and pest control measures in an effort to provide a secure and safe storage and handling area for your shipment to be exported from the USA.
  • Goods cleared locally through Jamaica Customs and stored in our warehouse facility must be collected within 14 days to avoid paying storage fee of JM$350 per day thereafter. Failure to collect within 120 days may result in the company auctioning the goods to recuperate expenses incurred.

Service Features

Insured Storage space

Complete custom clearance and assistance (Jamaica only)

Coordinated pick up from residence within Florida, USA

Detailed inventory and accurate labeling of each article

Careful handling of high-value and fragile items

Transport by Air from the USA

Seven days Secure warehouse storage free

Delivery to your destination country (Jamaica only)

Tracking of shipment

Cargo consolidation

LCL (Less Than Container Load)

Free storage (up to 40 days*)

Onsite packing and crating